MAG ARTISTS (Merrickville Artists’ Guild) want to thank all the sponsors and villagers who supported our 2016 MAG Studio Tour. We couldn’t have done it without you. Attendance was up this year and we feel that the tour was a real success.

Since our re-branding as MAG ARTISTS, we have been busy coming up with new art events to offer. We wish to share our love of creativity with all of you in this wonderful community. These art events are open to everyone, and we hope you will find them both stimulating and inspiring.

We start with MAG Conversations, a series of six illustrated and artful talks. They will take place on the second Thursday of every second month between 7.30pm – 9.30pm and feature various speakers from inside and outside the community, including MAG ARTISTS themselves. These MAG Conversations will have a small entry fee of $5.00 (6 for $25.00) and are free to Members, Sponsors and Friends of MAG.

The first Conversation was with two of Merrickville’s antique dealers – Nick Previsich and Joe Gallaro – who provided their perspectives on the art and reality of antiquing. Entitled: Antiquing: Past, Present and Future: they talked about how they became interested in becoming antique dealers, some of the joys and pitfalls of the business of buying and selling antiques and where they see the field of antiquing going in the short and long term. It was a lovely conversation between artists, art lovers and those that pursue beautiful and interesting objects.

In March, Janet Campbell, owner of Mrs. McGarrigle’s spoke about her enjoyment of the Culinary Arts. Janet has transformed her passion for food into a very successful store and a world renowned and award winning line of fine mustards. We expect a little hint of Italy as well.

Susan D’Aquino’s talk in May was about gardens and house architecture. Susan is a former deputy finance minister and a lifelong avid gardener. She shared with us the process of the design and creation of the magnificent and award winning gardens surrounding the modernistic Hart Massey house on the shores of Mckay Lake in Rockcliffe Park. She also spoke on the architectural genius of Hart Massey whose homes are now recognized as ”jewels” in the history of Canadian architecture.

July was an impromptu poetry evening, with Lesley Strutt speaking about the poetic experience.

In September we had the great pleasure of being entertained by the local music group “Off the Grid”, made up of Scott (guitar), Tara (vocals and guitar), and Sierra (vocals, cajon and guitar). The evening finished with a conversation about the art of composing original music.

The 2017 series will close in November with a Conversation about the art and skill of Photo Journalism. World traveller and former Montreal Gazette photographer Gordon Beck and award winning Citizen photographer Lynn Ball will share and discuss the challenges and demands faced in this significant and incredibly interesting field of Photography.

But wait… there’s more!

We are delighted to announce that the 2017 Merrickville House and Garden Tour included art on display by MAG ARTISTS in the featured houses.

Also, stay tuned for coming information about the Ontario Small Halls Festival, which is coming to Merrickville’ United Church for the first time, September 23rd. Art from the MAG artists will be shown.

Recaping what MAG ARTISTS have been up to in the village this winter, four artists were asked to come and speak about their art and spirituality as part of the Lenten evening program at the Anglican church in Spring 2017 (see the Blog for a summary of that event).

We have more ideas in the works which we will share with you as we explore ART in our Village.

Events with entry fees are free of charge for Members, Sponsors and Friends of MAG.

Once again, MAG ARTISTS thank the people and business owners of Merrickville for supporting art in our village.