MAG Artists & Creators 2021 Guide

MAG Artists & Creators 2021 Guide

Exciting new guide showcases the work of 31 MAG artists and creators. User-friendly map and index make it easy to zero in on specific listings for details and contact info. Look for the 2021 MAG Artists & Creators guide at businesses throughout Merrickville or...

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Iron Forge Restaurant Hosts MAG Art Exhibition

Iron Forge Restaurant Hosts MAG Art Exhibition

MAG is pleased to announce that a number of MAG artists are now displaying their art for sale through a generous collaboration with the Iron Forge Restaurant. Currently on display are MAG artists Mary Loos, Jane Jefferys, David Dunn, Graham Thomas, Mary Ross, Pamela...

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Laurie Carter

Writer | Photographer

David Dunn


Pieter Doef


Bruce Kemp

Writer | Photographer

Chuck Willemsen


Larry Thompson

Printer | Book Binder | Engraver

Monica Viola

Potter | Glass Artist

Kenna McCall

Lapidarist and Metalsmith

Mike Venables


Fiona MacIntyre


Ivy Sinkunas

Resin Artist

Aleatha Aiken-Sherrer

Artist | Jeweller

Vaz Zastera

Glass Artist

Mary Loos


Martin Green


Molly Quayle


Michael Gray

Glass Artist

Don Crowder

Wood Turner

Johanna Jansen

Ceramic Artist

Linda Hynes


Jim Weller


Linda Feige

Cast Metal Artist

Lesley Strutt

Poet | Novelist | Playwright

Marje Fletcher

Plein Air Artist

Beatrice Eberhart

Mixed media artist

Claudette Hart

Fibre Artist

Holly Dean

Mixed Media Abstracts

Katharine Fletcher

Visual Artist | Writer

Bram D'Hoest


Willem Vlaanderen

Acrylic Painter

MAG gratefully acknowledges the financial support provided by the municipality of Merrickville-Wolford
through the community grant program to help sustain and promote the work of
MAG Artists.