Merrickville modestly claims to be Canada’s prettiest village – a claim you will find well founded if you visit here either in summer or winter. Merrickville is also home to the Merrickville Artists’ Guild, or MAG as we like to call ourselves. As a group of local artists, we formed a guild in 1984 to help promote our work. Some of the original artists are still with us, along with many others now, who offer a wide variety of interests in art and craft. Most of us are open year round, by chance or appointment, and we still hold our annual Studio Tour and Sale in the fall. At that time if you decide to visit you know for sure we will be at home in our studios waiting to welcome you….. But come by at any time of the year. There’s lots to see and Merrickville is a lovely place to be. There’s a lovely energy here.

For over 30 years, the Merrickville Artists’ Guild annual autumn Studio Tour has given thousands of art lovers a peek into our creative worlds. But a once-a-year event does not satisfy artistic appetites for makers or collectors. And everyone holds a studio tour these days.

This realization prompted an extraordinary idea within the Guild. “We need to reiMAGine ourselves. After all, MAG (as the Merrickville Artists’ Guild is affectionately known) isn’t just a studio tour. We are a talented group of passionate people! We are MAG Artists.” To an artist, we were in total agreement – and this in itself was an epiphany!

MAG Artists – About Face

As only artists can, we embraced this change with eager enthusiasm. Brainstorming sessions armed with fresh energy (and tasty muffins) brought creative ideas pouring forth. It’s not what we are, but who we are.

Freed from the idea of being ‘an event’, we are now celebrating the unique, creative individuals we are… what each of us brings to our community and beyond through our shared passion of art.

MAG – Here’s Looking at You

So you will find us greeting you Face to Face on our new website and brochures, our advertisements, Facebook page and engaging new flags. We’ll be highly visible and recognizable in and around our lovely Merrickville community. Put a face to the name and really get to know us.

MAG Artists – Love what you buy

Of course we do have beautiful things to offer you – our livelihood is our art. Not a job, but something we do because we are passionate about it. We are creators. We hope to make this world a more beautiful place and we get such a thrill connecting with you in a very human way through our chosen medium of expression.

We know how it feels to have that special handmade piece speak to us. To take it home and love it even more. To feel the pleasure of knowing the person who made this beautiful work and the story behind it each time we look at it, drink from it or wear it. We too collect each others’ work and tell our friends about it. Buy it, love it, show and tell.

MAG Artists – We’re not just pretty faces

Each MAG Artist is an entrepreneur. We make and sell beautiful things, teach classes, give talks, hold creative events… including our beloved Studio Tour.

Here’s to the next 30 years! You will be seeing a lot more of us… @ the MAG FLAG

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Albert Einstein

MAG Artists – reiMAGined