Aleatha Aiken-Sherrer, artist/ jeweller

Artists Statement – Biography

I’m a chronic hobby collector. I’m a hairstylist, a baker, a children’s book illustrator, and I love getting my hands into new mediums and techniques as much as I can but I always tend to come back to my favourites; acrylic paint and copper wire.
My paintings are vibrant and colourful and often don’t follow a plan. They entertain my joy in the process and they take on a life of their own as they decide what they’re going to be in end. I’m frequently inspired by nature and how this planet has a way of creating fantastic shapes and movements in its live elements. I am just as frequently inspired by community and our place with one another on this tiny blue dot.
My jewelry is made with the knowledge that the years have impact. Copper has a way of getting more beautiful with time and the more you wear and interact with my pieces the more intricately the details show. I incorporate found items like shells and twigs as well as more traditional things like glass and ceramic beads.


Aleatha’s Work

For the 2018 Studio Tour, Aleatha is exhibiting at the studio of
Holly Dean and Larry Thompson
606 Elgin St, Merrickville, ON

Her work is available year round at:
Artistic Hair Gallery
47 Broad Street
Brockville, ON