Don Crowder, wood turner

Artist’s Statement – Biography

For me, working in the world of wood turning began about ten years ago. I was looking for a relaxing, stress free hobby to counter balance my full time job, working as a Correctional Manager in a Provincial Correctional and Treatment Center. At a local artisans show I found a lady who was selling these remarkable wood turnings. On seeing and speaking to her my interest was captivated and with a little research I was attending an initial wood turning course with teacher Brian Ross. The smell of the wood, the flying curls of wood chips and the satisfaction of producing a functional object had me hooked.

On returning home I purchased my General International Lathe and started down that road, through trial and error, of becoming an accomplished wood turner.

I’m a wood person, and by that I mean that I appreciate the smell, the grain patterns, density and colour of the vast amount of different species of trees and wood therein. When one adds wood turning, the process of spinning wood meeting sharpened knives to make a form, to the equation its sensory overload. A nice piece of maple becomes a beautiful functional salad bowl, a cherry burl becomes an abstract wall display, and a birch log becomes an artful birdhouse. The possibilities are endless. If you’re a wood person I’m sure you’ll appreciate my display.

The field of wood turning has so many facets or avenues that one can continually strive to learn more with results that are only limited by one’s imagination. Sometimes just looking at a piece of wood from a different angle can set of a spark of new ideas. Maybe I’ll leave the bark on, enhance the Spalding or tweak the form; it’s all just a dance to please the eye.

I’ve found my passion. I hope you enjoy my work.


Don’s Studio

For the 2018 Studio Tour, Don will be exhibiting at
306 St. Lawrence St., Merrickville.



Telephone: 613-485-0137