Herman Ruhland, mixed media artist

Artist’s Statement – Biography

Herman was born and educated in the Netherlands and was always interested in art. While drafted in the armed forces in the Netherlands, he attended evening art classes where he met artists who convinced him to paint and read up about art.

In 1959 Herman and his wife Margaret moved to Canada, and he started a garden-design company in 1961 in the Ottawa area.

Herman studied art at the Ottawa School of Art and now creates abstracted paintings and sculptures using different media and found objects. Herman’s artistic practice has evolved into reworking and assembling found objects and unusual materials. The viewer ‘s challenge is to recognize the message.

Herman lives on a farm near Ottawa.


Herman’s Studio

Herman is exhibiting at the studio of Linda Hynes:
1105 Matheson Dr. Smiths Falls ON

To see his work year round at his farm near Ottawa,
contact Herman for an appointment.
Email: hruhlandart@yahoo.ca