Johanna Jansen, ceramics artist

Artist’s Statement – Biography

The balance between tension, stillness, movement, expansion, volume as natural forces continues to feed my inspiration. In my ceramic work, I use low-fire ceramic techniques including raku, horsehair raku, saggar, and smoke firings as I investigate contemplation and reflection. These methods reflect and connect the four elements of life: earth, wind, fire and water. My current interests focus on the process of resolution allowing the immediacy of unforeseen outside influences (smoke & raku) and granting myself the freedom to act on creative impulses in a direct way when creating the pieces. The clay medium allows conceptual and intuitive components to influence the piece during each formative stage. The surface techniques lend tactile qualities to the explorations of the power of nature in various forms. The carbon markings created during these processes are delicate, fleeting and suggest the impermanence of a state of being or a frame of mind. Ultimately, I am exploring the relationship between an object, its form, and the personal experience an individual has with the environment.


Johanna’s Studio

Johanna’s showroom is open Wed-Sun 11:00 – 2:00 or by appointment.

Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry and Pottery

514 Todd School Road, Oxford Mills, ON



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