Katharine Fletcher, visual artist | writer

Artist’s Statement – Biography

I’m a fanciful dreamer: I believe magic and mystery surround us, if only we have the eyes to perceive their realm.

I imbue my art with these qualities of enchantment, where I pursue three main themes: Enchantment, Spirit Horses, and Endangered (animals, beings, and landscapes). Whether it’s in my enchanted collograph, “Where the Unicorns Play” where I’m dancing with two young unicorns — or in “Spirit Horses: Into the Sun” where two white horses lead a galloping herd into a vortex, you’ll discover magic and mystery flourishing!

Perhaps it was growing up in Alderley Edge, one of England’s storied “enchanted places”, which imbued this belief in me. As a little girl, my family walked in this National Trust park most Sundays. Deep in the woods, on one of the escarpment’s craggy outcrops, I would gaze enraptured at the face of Merlin, King Arthur’s advisor-prophet, carved into the sandstone. My fingers traced these words carved below the Wizard’s image:

Drink of me and take thy fill
For the water falls by the Wizard’s will.

When I came to Canada, my family settled in Toronto, where we rented an apartment backing into one of Toronto’s famous ravines. In our back garden of now so long ago, deer and their fawns came to visit; mother skunks lead their “Vs” of kits along our lawn; songbirds filled the lilacs and trees with their exotic colours and melodies. And above us, back then, in the swirl of Toronto’s night sky, the Milky Way (and even Sputnik’s course) revealed themselves.

Fast-forward to today? Since 1989 I’ve lived at Spiritwood, my 100-acre farm bordering Gatineau Park, north of Quyon, Quebec. Friends know it’s a place of enchantment. A place of infinite nourishment. And yes, of solace, too.

Spiritwood confirms, as I snowshoe amid its indigo drifts of a February’s eve, canter my mare Crescent along its woodland trails, and breathe in the fragrance of its natural world, that indeed, magic and mystery most surely surround us.

I invite you to visit me – at my studio (by appointment, please), or to “like” my Katharine Fletcher Artist page on Facebook. And of course, please do visit me during the MAG Studio Tours. This year, 2019, Katharine is guest at Studio #13, with Claudette Hart.

You will discover a warm welcome – and in my art, my insights into our shared, beloved and enchanted Earth, in which we journey, together.

Katharine Fletcher is a visual artist, freelance writer, and author of several guidebooks (Historical Walks: The Gatineau Park Story; Capital Walks: Walking Tours of Ottawa; Capital Rambles: Exploring the National Capital Region). She loves living at Spiritwood with her photographer-husband Eric Fletcher, Pippin and Misty the kitties, and Trooper and Crescent, the couple’s very own Spirit Horses.


Katharine’s Studio

For the 2019 Studio Tour Katharine is a guest with Claudette Hart at Studio #13, 123 Bruce Street, Merrickville

Please contact Katharine before visiting her personal studio to ensure she’s available.

4316 chemin Steele
Quyon, Quebec  J0X 2V0
Phone: 819-458-2090

E: fletcher.katharine@gmail.com
FB: facebook.com/KatharineFletcherArtist/
IN: @spiritwoodkf