Kenna McCall | Lapidarist and Metalsmith

Artist’s Statement – Biography

Kenna McCall is a local lapidarist and metalsmith. She mines local stones such as the rare Perthite, and sources exceptional rough material directly from ethical miners in her global network. She cuts, grinds and polishes rough to highlight the best features of each gemstone. Applying ancient Celtic and Viking symbolism and metal-work techniques, finished cabochons are set in unique silver, copper or brass settings . She also specializes in the ancient metal-weave Viking Knit, worn by Norse men and women as armour and adornment in battle and ceremony. Pendants, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, hair accessories and custom gemstones are sold as TerrAdore Jewelry, online and in select Canadian retail stores. Custom designs can be ordered online.
Listed with the Merrickville Artists Guild, the Northern Grenville Arts Guild and the Ottawa Lapidary and Mineral Club.

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Lesley Strutt


Available at retail outlets including:
Abel Mountain, Merrickville
Bonita Bold, Brockville
Salon Vert, Ottawa