Kenna McCall | Lapidarist and Metalsmith

Kenna McCall is a Merrickville-based lapidary artist, metalsmith and owner of TerrAdore Jewelry. TerrAdore, literally means “love the earth”, so named for the beautiful stone and metal elements she works with to create her unique art jewelry.  She is inspired by the design traditions of Celtic/ Viking cultures and those of Scandinavian and Canadian Brutalism/Modernism of the 1970’s. 

The TerrAdore Jewelry studio is located in the historic and artsy village of Merrickville in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  TerrAdore jewelry is available at, social media, guild art sales and at the Merrickville Art Pop-up Gallery (located inside Abel Mountain) May and September each year. She offers workshops in specialized jewelry-making.

Gemstones: One of the goals of TerrAdore is to provide access to outstanding gemstones not normally found in retail stores. Kenna specializes in local (Canadian Shield) and rare, single source gemstones of exceptional value and quality. She hand-mines some stones herself, such as Perthite, Amazonite, Sodalite, Agates, Jaspers and Quartz. Hard to obtain rare stones are sourced directly from ethical prospectors. When a particular gem becomes difficult to obtain on the market, she acquires it from colleagues before the stone is completely depleted and increases in value. Using the highest quality rough stone available, she cuts, grinds and polishes cab0chons for TerrAdore or other jewellers. When Kenna creates a piece of jewelry, she relies on the pattern and/or colour of the stone to determine the nature of the design and setting. No two pieces of jewelry are the same and for that reason they are often referred to as original “statement” pieces.

Metalwork:  As a silversmith/metalsmith, Kenna designs and creates settings for her custom gemstones from Sterling silver, copper, bronze and brass. She uses many of the same tools and methods as ancient jewelry-makers: hammers, anvils, natural patina’s, etc. She casts molten metal using a variety of methods and makes three dimensional pieces using metal clay. The metal weaving Viking Knit method she uses for necklace chains and bracelets has not changed since its origins, comparable to Viking artifacts at the British Museum in London. 

Kenna often collaborates with other artists and is a member of the Merrickville Artist Guild, the North Grenville Art Guild and the Ottawa Lapidary and Mineral Club.


Available at retail outlets including:
Abel Mountain, Merrickville
Bonita Bold, Brockville
Salon Vert, Ottawa