Some of you might be aware that our dear friend and MAG artist, Lesley Strutt, has been battling cancer for some time. Sadly, she is now close to the end of her life and our hearts and prayers go out to Chuck and Lesley’s family. Lesley is an extraordinary woman, an accomplished published writer, poet and educator. For those who know her well she is witty and vivacious and always looks on the bright side of life. She is a strong supporter of MAG and was generous with her time on several projects. I have copied from her website and include some of her own words below.

A close group of friends and the MAG Executive have decided to honour Lesley’s contribution to us personally and to our community by creating a fund to inspire people to continue her legacy of writing and poetry – a number of ideas have emerged. We have decided to call it the Lesley Strutt Poetry Prize (or Fund) and it will be administered by the MAG Executive. We have already received several donations and if you choose to contribute, please forward an etransfer to Mike at:

If you would like to send some words, please forward them to Chuck’s email at:


What writing means to me

“My writing evolved from a childhood of reading books and living in my imagination. We all have access to imagination, and what we can accomplish in our lives comes from believing in ourselves.” ~ Lesley Strutt


I’m the daughter of architect James W. Strutt and writer/philosopher Audrey E. Lett. I grew up in the Gatineau hills surrounded by nature and steeped in conversations that were inspiring. From an early age I wanted to know how people communicate with each other – how does language work. I completed a PhD in linguistics at McGill University and pursued a career as a research administrator in the federal funding agencies and at the University of Ottawa, while teaching part-time.

I’m a published poet, novelist, essayist, and blogger. My passion for poetry began as a young child when my mum read us kids poetry as often as bedtime stories. My love of storytelling flourished because I grew up in a world filled with imagination and possibility. My mum would say, you can find every part of life in literature – it’s where we examine our humanity.