2023 Christmas Show and Sale

A new MAG exhibition will be presented at the Iron Forge, from March to June 2024, by three local MAG artists:  Viviane Trubey, Rachel Houlton and Janet Szulga.  A drop-in, opening celebration is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday, March 5 at the Forge from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. 

MAG Artists, Friends of MAG, community leaders/partners and and members of the public are invited to drop in, buy dinner and enjoy a fun evening.  This is an opportunity to chat with the artists, admire their works and catch a performance by artist/singer Rachel Houlton.  A casual but important event to show support for MAG, local artists, and the owner (Moussa) and staff at the Iron Forge.

Another MAG community-building initiative.

For additional information please contact Irene Chahley. Check the MAG Facebook page for updates and schedule.