August Wormitt

Watercolour artist

Watercolour painting by August Wormitt

About August

Carving her own artistic path since grade school, August has been a draftsperson, cartographer, freelance graphic artist, visual presentation manager, inventor, and business entrepreneur. With precision and attention to detail prevalent in her working career, the irrepressible and  spontaneous nature of watercolour has been a salve and joy to her inquisitive nature. She sells her contemporary original watercolours and also offers lively home, cottage, and business portraits on commission

“I have an inquisitive nature. I like to explore how things can be both structured and spontaneous, a bit chaotic, but also peaceful. This is probably why I am drawn to watercolour as my medium of choice.  I often draw and paint in my mind’s eye.  This prevents me from just replicating things, rather, it enables me to explore mental images, colours and textures in a intuitive, sometimes contrary way. My art tries to capture brief yet timeless moments or experiences of a place with emotion and atmosphere.”

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