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Chuck Willemsen

About Chuck

My photographs of landscapes include traces of the people who lived there. My photographs of streets capture neighbourhoods as echoes of their built environment. My photographs of buildings pay homage to the architect and builder. Each scene is a portrait caught in stone and light and line.

As a veteran, with twenty-five years in the Canadian Military followed by ten years as a professional audiovisual consultant, I honed my eye for our visual surroundings through a variety of life experiences.

In each of my photographs I strive to capture an emotion that the scene is resonating within me. They might capture a mood or put the viewer in a state of contemplation. Evoking emotion simply means that my photos may say something. They may speak about something funny, moving, sad, or thoughtful.

My photographic portfolio is constantly developing with a body of work collected while at the Jiwar Barcelona artist’s residency (2012, 2014 and 2016), on photo shoots in Southern France (2011, 2014) and the Netherlands (2013), as well as in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada.

As a hybrid photographer, I work in both digital and film formats. For digital photography, I use a Sony α99 II DSLR camera for work and a Sony DSC-RX1 camera for travel. For film, I use a Minolta α-9 35mm SLR camera, the godfather of my Sony α99 DSLR camera.

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