Karen Reece

Glass / lampwork artisan

Karen Reece Bead Jewelry

About Karen

Coming from a background exclusively working in textiles, I was captivated by an entirely new medium, entranced by an artist using a torch and glass rods melting them into simple beads. Since teaching myself this process from a library book over 20 years ago, I am still just as passionate about using color, pattern and texture to create small round canvases that express how I see making simple beads into wearable art. Just as these beads are connected, it’s my aim to connect my work with just the right collector. With new tools (a vitrigraph kiln), I’ve evolved my process beyond typical lampwork and flame reactions to making my own glass rods and murrine to use in my work with unique additions of mixed media and found objects like Canadian coins.

Contact information

Email: beadkrap@yahoo.com

Website: beadKRap.com

Facebook: karenreecedesigns

Instagram: @beadkrap

Phone: 416-433-6706

Address: Brockville, ON