Linda Standing

Folk Art Painter

Linda Standing - Painting - Man on Bike 02

About Linda

I am a traditional, self-taught Folk Artist.

I paint everyday life of pioneer ancestors and country folk. My paintings consist of bright colours and bold brushstrokes. I often depict farmers and their families working in the fields, animals grazing in lush pastures, and old-fashioned barns and homesteads.

Every painting tells a story, it is a story that comes from my creative visions and imagination. When I paint, I immerse myself in my paintings and imagine that I am part of the scene.

I am passionate about animals and the environment. I believe in recycling and often paint on found materials – table leaves, cupboard doors, scrap wood and old furniture. As a child, I was known to share my creativity by painting all over the walls and furniture in my home.

I like to capture the serenity and beauty of the countryside, with people and animals living harmoniously together.

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