How to support the Merrickville Arts Guild and its members

It’s not some abstract thing to support the arts…It’s a very vital part of our lives

– Liv Thompson

Buy from our member artists

The best way to support the guild is by buying our artists’ work. If you love it, buy it!  

Encourage youth

The Emerging Artist Program was initiated by the MAG Executive. The goal of the fund is to recognize, support and encourage young, emerging artists in the Merrickville-Wolford community.

You can donate to, sponsor or host events that support this fund. Or you can make suggestions on how to grow this fund.

Join the guild

Don’t be shy. Be part of it! Share your awesome art. Get it out there. Come mingle with and discover other local super talented fellow artists.  Not an artist? Not a problem! The Guild is open to those who appreciate art and want to support the arts in its many forms.

Contribute to our special activities

Sometimes we are called upon to help with causes important to the Merrickville community. You can help too by answering our call for support.  We post these special activities on our Facebook page. Like the MAG Facebook page to keep informed.

Sponsor events and activities

Do you love Merrickville? Do you have creative ideas on how you can help support our Guild activities? Let’s work together!

Advertise in our booklet

Depending on funding availability, we print a booklet each year containing information about current Guild artists. It’s available in local businesses and at all our shows and events. Tourists love it! Get your business name in our booklet! It’s a win-win!

Share your knowledge

Know something we don’t? Want to share your nuggets of information? Help improve our artists’ skill set, help them self-promote or give us tips on how best to set up the best art show tent exhibit? We’d love to hear from you!

Donate funds

Not an artist but love the arts? Would you like to help promote the arts in our community? Your donation can help us meet our mission to do just that.

Donate camera equipment

The MAG Photography Collective is creating an 35mm Film Camera Lending Library for Merrickville-Wolford photographers. It will allow them to experience film photography without purchasing any camera equipment.

Have you got photographic equipment collecting dust? Care to donate it to the 35mm Camera Lending Library and Community Darkroom?

Volunteer at events

If you’re more of an art lover than an artist, but really want in on the action, volunteer at our events! Fill out the form and we’ll give you a shout when things start heating up.

Volunteer to run a darkroom

Know your way around a darkroom? We’re looking for volunteers to run a community-based darkroom. It would allow local photographers to experiment with the analogue and alternative photographic processes.