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01. “The Writer” Wood Engraving, hand cut and printed in a limited edition. Unframed.  Fits 5×7 or 8×10 frame. $60.

02. “The Palace of Art” Selected text from Alfred Lord Tennyson poem. Linocut & letterpress broadside. Unframed. 6” x14” tall. $80. 

03. “Pangur Ban” Medieval poem, translated by robin Flower. Wood engraving and letterpress broadside. Unframed. 22” x 16” tall. $90

04. “Ecclesiastes” Hand printed letterpress book with 70 wood engravings. Deluxe Edition: $650 Standard Edition (shown): $350. 

05. “Sample of Types” Letterpress broadside. Unframed. 24”x36” $90.

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