Which artist influenced you the most? Explain how they influenced you.

I am more influenced by movements in art rather than by an individual artist. My favourite movement and the one that has most influenced me to date and by this I mean, with whom I have the most rapport, is the Impressionist movement of the late 1800s. To single out an individual artist is difficult but, to the greatest degree, it has to be Monet followed closely by Degas.

What is currently inspiring your art? Explain how your art is evolving.

A growing interest in Abstract art (with no offence to the Impressionists) is my current interest. Many consider Abstract painting in all of its forms as the purest of all movements in art because it owes no allegiance to other movements that invariably incorporate recognizable images of all that is around us. Whether this is the ultimate art form remains to be seen.

What do you love most about your medium (or media)?

For drawing I use Graphite, Charcoal or chalk. The subject and my mood can influence which one I will use.

I love Pastels and consider that they are paintings rather than drawings even though they are basically a dry medium (point being that I often add water or other solvents to what I am drawing!). 

My favourite painting medium is oil paint. Despite this I tend to use Acrylics because of the faster drying time and now, as I move into Abstract painting because acrylics have such an interesting range of mediums for texture, modelling and finish.