Holly Dean, mixed media abstracts

Living and sharing an artsy life.

Artist’s Statement – Biography

When I tell someone, “I am a contemporary mixed media abstract artist”, a smile twitches at the corners of my mouth. It sounds so grown up. When actually, it is my childlike wonder that compels me to create; to attempt shaping the feeling of nostalgic memory.

As a child, I experienced the heart-leaping joy of suddenly recognizing my beloved house when coming upon it from an unfamiliar angle. This memory awakens me. It reminds me how full of magic our world is — how nature pulls back her cloak and reveals to us her mysteries.

A sensitivity to my surroundings remains. I feel I am absorbing age old stories through my fascination with the natural world… the beauty and secrets of place, unkempt gardens, late afternoon sun filtering through old window panes; a sense of being part of the past when I walk among ruins and standing stones.

In my studio I paint organic shapes and lines; layers of paint and texture; scratching through, scraping, seeing through to what came before. My paintings may be subtle, atmospheric, spacious, dreamlike; or maybe it’s a day when they want to be dramatic, full of mystery and tangles, light spearing through the darkness.

They are fantasy landscapes — calling to mind the haunting music of Clannad, the lyrical, delicate prose of Patricia McKillip’s novels, the lovely feeling of being really alive and creating my own story. They are my inner landscapes — an instinctive reaching out to the serendipity that brings us all together.

Holly Dean was born into a creative and entrepreneurial family. She grew up in the rolling hills of Uxbridge, Ontario, where her lovely mother fed her imagination and her British father shared his love of England. Holly now lives in Merrickville with her artist-printer husband, Larry Thompson and two black studio dogs, Rook and Raven.

Holly’s Studio

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