Jane Jefferys, Artist


Artist’s Statement

I use acrylic paints. I have all sorts of different media that l like to add to the paintings — digital imagery, jewellery, a variety of textiles, hardware, metallic paints. I love how they add to the story I am creating.

For commission work I tell a story of the persons life. I try to include pieces of their culture, interests, heritage, hobbies, loved ones, places they have travelled, moments in their lives that can be captured on canvas. 

For fun, I do abstract pieces with brilliant bold colours. I love to find the perfect combination of colours to make the painting just right. The painting feels complete when it is soothing to my eyes.  I look for depth, contrast, balance and an ease of flow about the canvas. 


6 Henry Street, Burritt’s Rapids, ON

Email: art@janejefferys.com
Tel: 613-883-6722
Website: janejefferys.com