Jim Weller, painter

Front Doors and Porches

I‘m intrigued with doors and porches because they symbolize the state of transition from one condition to another.
For example, a transition that is between:
an outdoor space and one that is indoors
a dangerous location to one that is safe
a wet uncomfortable environment to one that is dry and comfortable
bright light and shade

I am starting to explore this concept with a series of small, highly representational, paintings along with a series of abstract watercolours.

Artist’s Statement – Biography

The University of Toronto School of Architecture insisted that I draw, sketch and design on a daily basis. Five years of this as well as courses on colour theory constituted my boot camp training in the visual arts. This was reinforced by an annual two week sketch camp in the fall. While I was at the University of Toronto I was also the cartoonist for the student paper, The Varsity.

After the demands of my professional career and family had eased, I was able to take up painting in a more serious manner. I embarked on the path of transparent water colour- a medium that has enormous personal appeal because of its spontaneity and difficulty. More recently I have taken up oils and acrylics which present their own challenges.

Jim’s Studio

167 Wolford Drive, Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0
Email: jweller@sympatico.ca
Website: www.jamesweller.ca
Telephone: +1 (613) 269-2735