Mary Loos, Painter


Artist’s Statement

Painting has the ability to pull me into a world where time isn’t a consideration and the happenings of the outside world fade away. I create because I enjoy this alternative world and discovering new places I can go in it. Occasionally I am delighted with where I end up and want to share it but the satisfaction is fleeting as I feel drawn back into the pull of the creative path.

Intuition is my driving force as I create. Not one to stick to a plan I tend to be fluid and spontaneous as I try to achieve artwork that has a pleasing balance in contrast and colour.

My current work is trying to capture the energy and movement of the natural world in acrylic, mixed media and Art Resin. I’m exploring gardens, trees, and the aurora borealis always striving to reflect the light and beauty the surrounds us in Canada.

This year, you can find Mary at Fiona Macintyre’s studio:
330 Main Street East, Merrickville, ON

Tel: 613-285-4748
Facebook: paintdancesleep