Monica Viola, potter, glass artist

Artist’s Statement – Biography

I was born in Santiago de Chile. I have always been fond of drawing and painting. I studied Art at the Universidad de Chile, Facultad de Bellas Artes. I graduated in 1983 as an Artificer specializing in Metalwork.

In 1999, I took a pottery class in Vancouver and I fell in love with clay and functional pottery. When working with clay, I like to introduce a playful quality to my work that is a spontaneous reflection of my own cultural background. Since clay is my vehicle of expression, I try to stretch its versatility by bringing together my love for drawing and shape.

My glass fusing began in 2012. It offered me a different element to compose with. Working with glass offers a transparency that clay does not offer.

Today, my work continues to evolve in every media.

My latest work is a reinterpretation of my own early work. I made a series of dry pastel drawings called “Interchange” and these images have now found their way into my ceramic art.

I continue to be playful, marrying new ideas and techniques to my culture and artistic growth.

My work is not a complete circle, but a joyous evolution of ideas.

Monica Viola at MonSky Creations Gallery in Merrickville

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