Q. Which artists inspired you as you were developing in your field?

Molly:  I had a couple of mentors when I first began quilting – Mary Lou Scott was a quilting teacher in Calgary who really encouraged me as a beginner, and later supported my decision to teach quilting.  Agnes Boal taught me to applique, to hand quilt and to “do the unexpected”.   Both these wonderful ladies contributed greatly to the growth of quilting in Calgary and beyond.  I am grateful for having known them.  I was a member of a quilting guild for 10 years in Calgary and learned there that quilting truly is a sisterhood and we gain inspiration from each other.

Q. What inspires you at the moment?

Molly: I don’t have a specific source of inspiration right now.  If I had to give a single answer it would be “the world around me”.  That is a cliche reponse, but I really have been inspired by so many things, from a friend’s jacket, to a garden path, to a piece of fabric, even a casual comment from someone.

Q. What is your favourite medium and why?

Molly: My preferred medium is, of course, fabric.  I enjoy the precision of traditional patterns, as well as the challenge of using them in non-traditional ways.  I confess that I have always loved math, and that plays a big part in my craft, so I have to use my brain as well as my fingers.