The Emerging Artists Fund was initiated by the Merrickville Artists’ Guild (MAG) Executive members with the goal of recognizing, supporting and encouraging young, emerging artists in the Merrickville-Wolford community. MAG invites local emerging artists between the ages of 14-18 to apply for a $200 grant to assist them in the realization of their future projects.

In February 2020, The Mainstreet Restaurant hosted one of their famous Village Chef evenings titled “A Night in Paris”, to contribute much needed funding for the MAG Emerging Artists’ Program which was initiated by the MAG Executive.  Village Chefs Yves and Deb Grandmaitre joined their culinary skills with those of Mark and Shelly Scullino to produce a marvellous French dinner for app. 60 persons.  Corporate sponsors were Nana B’s, the Merrickville Organization for Culture & the Arts (MOCA) and Edible Sins.  Local businesses and MAG artists contributed items that were auctioned eliciting spirited bidding.   In total, app. $3800 was raised that evening for the Program.  In addition, through the efforts of Fiona Macintyre and her annual Square Foot Show and various donors,  additional funds were raised bringing the Fund total to app. $5000.   MAG would like to express its sincere appreciation to Fiona, the corporate donors, the Village Chefs and a special thanks to Mike Nellin and the staff of the Mainstreet Restaurant for helping us in launching this program.

In addition to the monetary award, MAG will make available, where possible, to the winner(s), mentors to assist them in their chosen media. For example, one mentor has offered to provide advice on the business of art – marketing, shows, required tech, integrating on-line identity or brand, etc. Another would be available to advise a photographer on the processing workflow for digital negatives. Yet another could provide assistance integrating drones into photography/videography. Others are willing to provide exhibit space in their studios.

Further, the winner(s) will be given a booth (or stage time, as appropriate) at the annual Merrickville Festival of the Arts, held in August.