May Conversations showcases the incredible diversity of talent among MAG members as multi-media artist Holly Dean and film industry camera operator Gary Viola share their experience with the Art of Moving Pictures.

“I am going to talk about my 30 years working in the film industry,” says Gary. “My role as a camera operator and the approach I used when shooting a film. Setup, style, designing and composing shots when working with directors and Directors of photography.

Holly poses the question: Artist/Techie or Techie/Artist? “They really are one and the same,” she says.

“Gary and I are both, we just approach our work from opposite directions. As a visual artist, I love to experiment with different mediums and I enjoy the super-expressive possibilities of video. Iā€™m lucky because I get to ‘call the shots.’ This is my creation and I get to play. In the end, it’s all about emotions ā€” through the maker to the perception of the audience.”

Date: Thurs. May 9
Time: 7:30 pm
Location: Merrickville Legion

A small fee of $5.00 will be charged at the door. Funds go to the MAG Emerging Artist Bursary. Free for MAG Members, Friends of MAG, and MAG Sponsors.